Tuesday, June 13
The title is better than the story.
Daryl Hannah Removed from Tree
- Sheriff's deputies and police evicted farmers and supporters Tuesday from a 14-acre urban community garden being reclaimed by the landowner, making arrests as protesters resisted by occupying a tree, chaining themselves to barrels of concrete and blocking traffic with demonstrations in nearby streets.

Actress Daryl Hannah and famous tree sitter John Quigley raised their fists as authorities used a fire truck lift to bring them down from a walnut tree towering over the green swath in a gritty area southeast of downtown.

"Daryl, we're with you!" protester Jenny Flores yelled through a megaphone from a nearby street.

Like I said, this one's all about the title. I wish I hadn't read any further. I thought maybe she'd lost it completely and had moved into one. I was picturing her camped out up in the branches wearing a pair of longjohns and eating honey from a pot like Winnie the Pooh. Or maybe screaming wildly in an alien language like Anne Heche in Fresno that Xenu ordered her to keep watch for rogue Thetans. But protesting for environmental causes? Please. That doesn't even rate on the celebrity hijinks scale. Give me a call when the tree is in Namibia or something.
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