Monday, May 1
Golddiggers: 1 Spiteful Children: 0
Anna Nicole Smith Wins Ruling

Former Playmate of the Year Anna Nicole Smith won a unanimous U.S. Supreme
Court ruling on Monday and gets a new chance to collect millions of dollars she
says her late Texas oil tycoon husband promised her.
The justices overturned
a U.S. appeals court ruling that the former topless dancer was entitled to
nothing because federal courts lacked jurisdiction to hear claims that are also
involved in state probate hearings.
Smith was 26 when she married oil tycoon
J. Howard Marshall, then 89, in 1994. They met three years earlier when she was
dancing in a Houston bar.

The son always seemed like a nasty little bugger to me, and since I don't care enough to actually research the story, I'll just vote on who entertains me more. Anna wins. By a lot.
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