Tuesday, January 25
Part 2
Finally, a Little Liberal Honesty:
Greetings from Jesusland. It’s been ten days since the election, and it has been a ten days that have yielded one inevitable conclusion. The Democratic Party has lost its damned mind. Granted, no one thought that they would do a dance when Bush handed Kerry’s ass back to him, but this has gone beyond sore losing. If the leaders of the party hope to ever turn another county blue, someone needs to come out and call off the rabid attack dogs, who are barking louder than ever since losing their bite. It seems that every whack job with a pen and paper has engaged in a competition to out-lunacy the rest. From Maureen Dowd to Chris Matthews, the liberal talking heads have spent the past week railing about how stupid Americans are, and then feign ignorance as to why they cannot connect with "the average American." Perhaps they aren’t feigning at all, but that would entail a level of blind arrogance I have trouble believing exists. But in the wake of the Red Sox win and the Hobbit discovery, we’re officially living under a perpetual full moon, and I must come to terms with the mystical. And nothing could be more mystical than how, after being smacked in the face with the truth, the liberal left just.doesn’t.get.it.
I want to end this with the following two definitions:
A group or class of persons or a member of such a group or class, enjoying superior intellectual, social, or economic status ; the best or most skilled members of a group:

A false belief strongly held
in spite of invalidating evidence, especially as a symptom of mental illness
In short? You crazy."

Out of Office, Out of Their Minds
As they insist on hastening their rapid downward spiral, this week liberals have a) stricken a blow to the boy scouts, b) racially insulted the first female African American Secretary of State, and c) hand-delivered an extra-helping of anti-American sentiment to Al-Jazeera. And all by Wednesday. Apparently it’s a fine line between "activist" and "petulant child." Thursday is being dedicated to the opening of the Clinton Library of Rewritten History, the closest thing the Democrats will be getting to an inaugural ball this year. Friday’s to-do list most likely includes insulting any Middle Americans they may have overlooked thus far, taking in another session to deal with their PEST, and playing pretty, pretty princess with Castro and Chirac."

Stupidity is in the Eye of the Loser
This week President George W. Bush will be inaugurated to a second term. He will be bringing with him the first female African-American Secretary of State, providing Condaleeza Rice does not tell a roomful of old, bitter white guys where they can shove their WMDs. Because if there’s anything liberals hate worse than a female Republican, it’s a black female Republican. I mean, it’s almost as if the Republicans don’t hate women and minorities after all! Actually, we don’t "hate" anyone; we just really don't care for ultra left-wing nuts. But while they dislike us as well, there is one key difference, and it is what keeps our side the winning side:
We don’t automatically call every single person who disagrees with us "stupid," which is the left’s favorite and apparently only insult. Bush won because every last one of the fifty-nine million people who voted for him were just plain dumb. Majority of op eds for weeks after the election focused on the varying levels of moronic middle-Americans, from the toothless rednecks to the war-mongering oil tycoons to those really stupid religious freaks. Eventually the writers tired of making themselves feel better by mocking Jesusland and moved on to more pressing matters, like keeping all conservative minorities out of public office. But just in case we’ve already forgotten how incredibly, insanely stupid red staters are, we got a Washington Post editorial this weekend highlighting an Oklahoman Bush supporter. Her crime of unintelligence? Believing John Kerry is pro-abortion and gay marriage. The abject horror. I kid you not. This lady put in her false teeth long enough to hobble down to the church next to Wal-Mart to vote for Bush because she didn’t trust Kerry as far as she could throw him. Dag-nabbit, I can’t believe people that stupid are even allowed to vote."

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