Sunday, August 20
Jennifer Aniston catches a clue.
Jennifer Aniston Speaks Out On Engagement Rumors

...Aniston told People she was moved to speak once the reports were picked up widely by mainstream media.

"I don't feed into that," she said of the steady stream of rumors about her personal life. "We [her friends] don't talk about it. We don't hash it out because it's not true. The only reason I'm saying something is because if we're listening to the news, we're supposed to be believing in the news…Tabloids are going to lie all the time. You're prepared for that. But it's the news. And you think, 'Well, we need to trust what our newscasters are saying when we have this horrific situation that's actually taking place in the world, I mean, we are getting reported the truth, right?"

"The American people need to believe [the news]," Aniston says. "Please. Get it together. So that's all."

I know this happened last week, but somehow Jennifer "George Bush is a f***ing idiot" Aniston questioning the veracity of the mainstream media is still funny as hell. Like the people publishing pictures photoshopped by terrorists are busily fact-checking the latest Vaughniston rumors for journalistic accuracy. Puh-lease. She better watch out. Now that he's been fired from Reuters, a certain someone has plenty of time to photoshop her overexposed ass into a Vera Wang wedding dress. Probably standing in the rubble of a Lebanese village. As long as it's fake but accurate, it's all gravy.
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