Monday, May 9
By John Cusack, star of Serendipity and Pushing Tin

"Went to Hunter S. Thompson’s memorial service in Aspen. The next day, we went to Owl Farm -- which remained untouched since Hunter’s death two weeks before. The sun was shining and gunfire echoed as friends and family gathered and shot targets on the lawn. Norman Greenbaum’s “Spirit in the Sky” booming. Books, notes, numbers, pills, bullets, totems and talismans everywhere. Outside his wife offered liquid acid to people in the driveway. In the kitchen where he took his life, a huge American flag overlooked his suicide. He was looking right at it.

Here is just one of the good doctor’s final ruminations on our American experience. He sent it to me on a t-shirt a few months ago--"

What Thompson actually said is irrelevant as the entire purpose of the post is to show how like totally cool John Cusack is that he knew Hunter Thompson. I mean, he even took time away from planning his suicide to send his good friend John a t-shirt and everything!! The delusions of the self-important celebrity never fail to elicite a giggle.

"I'm... so cool. I...knew Hunter. I use fragments. Can't write whole sentences. Too deep for that. True visionary poets like my friend Hunter and myself see beauty. In things. In all things. Like brooks. And clouds. And lots and lots of liquid acid. ruminate. On life. On the beauty of life. And the flag. The American flag. With its stars. And stripes. And unicorns. Oh crap, that's just the acid talking."
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